9 Fantastic Cuddling Positions Every Boyfriend and Girlfriend Should Try

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Cuddling is one of the most beautiful ways to show affection to your intimate partner. It gives a warm, casual and exciting feeling to both partners.

If you have been going out for a while and want to take the relationship to the next level. Then cuddling is a great way to start making them feel loved.

Still, what is that one thing stopping you?

I know it.

You don’t know how to cuddle on a couch.

Don’t worry! This article is what you need to read to learn the art of cuddling on a sofa.

So, Why Should You Cuddle Often?

  • Releases stress: Cuddling causes the body to release two neurotransmitters which are dopamine and serotonin. These two hormones are responsible for controlling the mood. The hormone dopamine release promotes pleasure therein cuddling gives both partners happiness releasing stress and anxiety.
  • Reduced chances of cardiovascular diseases: When you are touched and loved by your partner it will help your blood pressure to go down. The simplest act of cuddling can reduce the chances of heart diseases. That definitely should be a good reason to cuddle with your partner.
  • Boosts emotional connection: Do you feel your partner has distanced themselves then put on a movie and use that cuddle couch in your living room? Cuddles boost emotional intimacy between two partners.
  • Elevates Sexual intimacy: During foreplay cuddling with your partner highlights arousal and after sex it boosts trust between two people.

How to Cuddle on a Couch: Cuddling positions to bring you and your partner closer

Now that you have seen the amazing stuffs cuddling can bring in, I believe you are eager to get the best couch for cuddling.

But, wait.

There is something more.

Cuddling is a form of art that has to be done following a specific technique. Here are a few cuddling techniques which are sure to bring you and your partner closer.

1. Spooning Your Partner

How to do it: Lie on your side of the bed and face your partner meanwhile your partner lies come close to you facing the other way. Wrap your arms around them cuddling with you. In the end, you both would fit together one being the bigger spoon and the other being the smaller one.

What it does: You can do this position in all seasons and with the warmth of both bodies, you certainly won’t need a blanket. This will make both partners feel warm and safe without getting constricted.

2. Cuddling hug

ways to cuddle on couch

How to do it: Both partners face each other and hug without stopping. This is pretty similar to spooning except both partners are facing each other.

What it does: Sleeping on the bed or lying on a cuddle couch is warm and romantic.

3. The half–spoon

How to do it: One partner lies on the chest of another partner with the other partner’s back and their arm around hugging them.

What it does:It helps the partner in making them feel secure.  If your partner had a long hard day emotionally this will certainly help them relieve their stress. Although not good enough to sleep but you can spend a few hours without any problem.

4. The butt touch

How to do it: Both partners face away from each other on their sides of the bed but their butt touch at the center. That’s all you’re doing the butt touch hug.

What it does: If your partner wants to have their space while going through something and you want to let them know they have their back. This is a great way to reassure them about your presence as they go through a tough time.

5. Couch cuddle

tips to cuddle on sofa

How to do it: Both partners sit down on the sofa and one partner keeps their hand around the other partner’s back. Meanwhile, the other partner puts their head on the chest of the other partner.

What it does: This is a great way to be intimate with your partner whilst you both watch a movie or Netflix. A height difference between two partners can make it a bit awkward but keep trying you will find your space with each other.

6. Getting the legs intertwined

How to do it: Lay down on the bed or sofa with an ottoman. Tangle your legs with your partner like they are wires. You can even put a blanket over both of you.

What it does: This is a casual hug and a minimalist cuddle. Not ideal if a partner is restless.

7. Top-down on each other

How to do it: One lies down and the other one comes over you. If you get it right then one partner will be lying on the top of another.

What it does: This will make both partners feel warm. However not liable for a full night it is great for some time. This position is bound to get you intimate and lead to an intense make out.

8.  Wrapped up

How to do it: It is a great position for two partners to lie down on a couch and watch a movie using one blanket both partners cuddle up inside one blanket by intertwining legs or half spoon.

What it does: It is fun and casual, a great way to end the day or on a movie date night. It will bring both partners closer. They can spend a few hours together in this position but sleeping may be a hassle.

9. The sweetheart cuddle

How to do it: One partner lays their head on the shoulder meanwhile the other partner supports the upper back with their hand. Partners should cress each other with their hands. This is best done on cuddle couches

What it does: It creates a warm feeling between two partners and this gives a sense of security to the partner. It boosts trust and loyalty between partners.

I am sure that these 9 different ways to cuddle on a sofa has amazed you.

The world today is busy and in our tough schedules, we often forget the important thing like our significant others.

Forget the notion that your other half will stay around and make them a priority each day. Spending a few hours cuddling can boost love between both and relieve all stress.  The time that goes away never returns. So make each moment count!