Most Expensive Couch Reviews: 6 High End Luxury Sofas in the World

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What if I tell you that the best way to get the comfiest sofa is by buying the most expensive couch? Yeah, with the price you can get the comfort and style you dearly need in your home.

I am sure that some of you will agree with me.

And I have to tell others that, it’s the easiest way to get a comfortable sofa for your home.

Expensive sofas of price tag higher than $3000 are, not only comfortable, they elevate your living room to a whole new level with their style and elegance.

So if you are looking for the most expensive sofas in the world, you have come to the right place. We have reviewed some of the best below.

But, before we start with the reviews, let me clear that question you have in your mind.

Do I Need a High End Luxury Sofa?

Do you really need an expensive couch? Well, that is a tricky question!

Style, comfort and price are the three most important things that matter when you are looking for a good sofa.

An expensive couch is something that can offer you:

  • Maximum comfort
  • Longest durability
  • Best in class design

Clearly you have to spend a good amount of money for such a perfect sofa.

Investing in a sofa that has all the qualities mentioned above cannot be a bad decision. It is always good to spend more when you are looking for a long-lasting companion.

But if your plan is to change your sofa frequently according to the market trends, we don’t recommend you to go for the expensive ones.

A couch priced above 3000$ may be considered an expensive couch. You are the one to decide how much you need to spend.

What we recommend is that you should keep a balance between how much you can spend and what all things you expect to get from your couch.

Your financial status and your priorities for different features of a sofa will finally decide which expensive sofa you can afford to buy.


Most Expensive Couch Reviews

high end luxury sofas

1. David Ferrari- Our Best Pick

David Ferrari Sofa

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Without any doubt, this sectional from David Ferrari is the best high-end couch available in the market. This expensive sectional corner sofa has a lot to offer you in both its features as well as its overall quality.

In the first place, the couch comes in a modular design. So you get a number of options to interchange the parts into different shapes.

The design of the sofa is one of the best you can get.

  • The relaxing left facing chaise and the adjustable headrests add to the overall impression of this luxury couch.
  • The corner stool features a move-back Mechanism to assure maximum comfort.
  • There are 4 backrests included which features a move-back mechanism.

Wait, there is more!

This sectional sofa also comes with an ottoman.

Moreover, the upholstery is of exceptional quality and it uses:

  1. Italian modern grey fabric
  2. Premium quality grey leather

One thing you can be sure about this couch is that your comfort and satisfaction stands as the first priority of the manufacturer. Inclusion of the lumbar support and the throw Pillows is a notable example of this.

2. VIG Furniture Polaris – Best Design

VIG Furniture

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A strong contender among expensive couches with an incredible blend of top quality red and black bonded leather.

I am sure that this classic sofa from VIG furniture will be a true asset for your living room. This high end couch is perfect for large spaces.

What I like the most about this super couch is that it gives an appealing look to your living room.

  • The seats are perfectly designed to keep them neither too hard nor too soft.
  • The seat cushions are very comfortable. The more you sit, the more comfortable it gets.

Once you have used this couch, there is one thing we are sure of. Whenever you are looking for a new couch you will definitely be considering VIG furniture among your top preferences.

This couch is worth every penny of yours. We guarantee that you will never regret buying it.

3. VIG Furniture Tempo – Customer’s choice

VIG Furniture Tempo

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Bring a brand new look to your living room with this elegant high end couch.

Yeah, the customer’s top choice amongst expensive sofas is also from VIG Furniture.

You will be surprised to see how well this large sectional sofa blends with your living room. This gorgeous 4-piece sectional sofa boasts of a perfect design featuring

  1. A left arm facing sofa
  2. A corner wedge
  3. An armless love seat
  4. A right arm facing chaise

This one costs a bit more than our second option. Why?

This luxury couch is upholstered in beautiful white top grain leather. This upholstery spans everywhere your body touches.

The top grain leather is of superior quality. It has a pretty long durability and is safe from frequent scratches or damages.

Overall the seating is very comfy. The cushions are very soft. You can feel them like a feather.

The headrests of this couch are retractable. You can adjust them freely according to your comfort.

With all these features offered at a comparatively low price, this couch easily becomes the customer’s choice.


4. Toscana Home Interiors Phoenix: Terrific Luxury Leather Couch

Toscana Home Interior couch

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A perfect luxury couch combining a sleek and stylish design along with a solid frame support. Comes with best quality 100% full aniline leather.

I believe the design of this leather sectional sofa demands a special applause. It blends well with other traditional style furniture pieces in your living room. Other features are:

  • The bottom seat cushions are button tufted.
  • The slim track arm lines are pure bliss.
  • The cushions are filled with comfortable Fiber blend and Hi-Reflex foam.
  • The seating system with sinuous spring suspension is exceptionally good.

You are assured maximum comfort with all these additions. You will really love it!

The wooden frame is solid built. To add to this, the frame is also re-enforced and padded. The padding ensures the protection of the leather.

The sofa is available in vintage amaretto color which blends perfectly with your other wooden furniture pieces.

  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for the frame and suspension.
  • A 3 year warranty is offered for the leather and the cushions.

What more could you ask for? Just go for it if after sale service is a top priority of yours.

5. EuroLux Home Magnifique: Most Spacious Luxury Sofa

EuroLux Home Magnifique

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An absolutely elegant expensive couch from EuroLux Home Accents. You will fall in love with the quality and features this couch offers you.

This high end couch is a surprise package indeed in its price range. Let’s see some of the major advantages this couch has to boast of.

  • Linen fabric is used to upholster this couch. The linen used here is of premium quality. It stays for long without tearing apart and is easy to clean too.
  • The frame is made of superior grade pine wood. It offers a solid structural support.
  • The legs are made of oak wood that gives the couch a strong base

The design of this couch is exceptionally great. The latest, refined and eye-catching design makes this couch stand out.

You will know how well these features serve you only when you start using the couch. However, we guarantee you that you will never regret spending your hard-earned money on this couch.

6. EICHHOLTZ Principe – Best Value for Money

Eichoholtz Principle

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The best in class couch with the best in class upholstery and luxury seating. An excellent choice if you are looking for ultimate comfort.

The design of this high end sofa demands good appreciation. The Dutch furniture manufacturer Eichholtz has rendered this couch a contemporary design combined with top quality upholstery.

Other notable features of the couch include:

  • A strong black base with tapered feet
  • First-rate panama natural upholstery
  • Nine exceptionally comfy cushions

This beautiful beige sofa is an eye candy indeed! You will surely fall in love with this couch for its unique appearance and the comfort it offers.

The modern luxury seating is another thing that would largely attract you to this product. The manufacturer has done zero compromises with any of the features in order to deliver you the value for money experience.


What is an expensive couch?

An expensive or high-end couch is priced high $3000 and above), but it offers you a true value for money experience. It offers you maximum luxury, comfort, quality materials, long durability, catchy design, and strong built.

With top-notch quality and comfort, these couches can easily be your lifelong companion.

How do I make my sofa look expensive?

Expensive sofas usually have good quality leather or fabric upholstery. You may modify your current sofa with such upholsteries to make it look more expensive. You may also add a few contemporary styled comfy cushions, additional headrests, and backrests to add to the overall impression of your sofa.

Where can I buy an expensive sofa?

Most of the furniture shops in your locality will be selling expensive sofas. These days they are also readily available on online marketing sites like Amazon. They offer you excellent customer support and fail-proof delivery. Most of them have return or refund options too if you are not satisfied with your product.

Why are the leather sofas very expensive?

Leather is a costly material compared to linen fabric or any other upholstery material. The quality of the leather varies over a pretty huge range.

Most of the expensive couch manufacturers use costly top quality branded leather to ensure value for money experience to their customers. That is why leather sofas are very expensive compared to other sofas.

Summing it Up

Finding the right couch for your living room is clearly not an easy task. It becomes even more difficult when you are planning to spend some huge price on a luxury sofa. Here we have already reviewed some of the best options to keep you away from any further confusion.

Before I wind up, this is what I have to say…

An expensive couch is somewhat like your partner. Once you choose the right one, what you get is a lifelong companion.