Settee or Loveseat? 5 Differences You Should Know

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When looking for a new piece of furniture for your living room, you’ll find two options that stand out:

..the loveseat and the settee.

You’ll notice that they look similar and work almost the same way. However, they’re far from being the same thing.

If you’re eager to find out whether you need a settee or loveseat depending on your demands – then this article will help you out.

Take a look further!

Settee or Loveseat: 5 Differences

At first sight, they look almost the same. That’s normal – they’re actually pretty close to being equal. However, they’re not. If you want to know why they’re not the same, here we explain 5 main differences to consider:


The first aspect that changes is how they’re designed. You will find that both loveseats & settees offer plain styles. They’re not too fluffy or overly-designed – just enough to be good-looking and host people.

However, you can usually take them apart by considering their specific stylistic choices.

For example, settees tend to hold more antique or classic styles than loveseats. You’re more likely to find settees boasting tufted backrests and unique shapes that give an elegant touch. They’re often used as decoration.

Similarly, settees tend to offer more creamy colors than loveseats. Tones like mustard and beige, peach, and so on, are typical for settees.

In contrast, loveseats tend to be more laid-back. They can be tufted or not, while most of them may hold a modern design instead of a classical one. At the same time, their colors can go anywhere from black and white to electric green, blue, and even velvet red.

On top of that, loveseats may not come with armrests and sometimes not even backrests.

Space & Size

difference between settee and loveseat

Considering their styles, you may not have an idea of which one is larger. Well, you may be surprised to know that settees are actually the wider of the two.

A typical settee has between 50 and 80 inches of width. Some models can even reach the 100 inches wide. That’s enough to host three people at the same time, comfortably.

On the other hand, loveseats don’t offer that much space. They’re often small between 48 and 72 inches and can host no more than two people.

You could explain a settee like a large park bench and a loveseat like a small garden chair with two seats. That would give you a better idea of how they differ in size.


Now that you have a better idea of how these two differ in terms of comfort & size – you may want to know how comfortable they are.

In short, it is safe to say that settees are more comfortable. Because settees tend to be slightly wider, they can offer more space and thus more comfort overall.

While a loveseat can host two people, a settee may hold up to three or more. And that’s enough to say that a settee is often more comfortable – but only because it is larger.


The way they’re used also differs a lot.

For example, a loveseat only fits two people. That means it is used as a seemingly comfortable way to make two people sit close to each other.

A loveseat can be used as a way to complement an entire set of furniture. Or they can be placed inside bedrooms. The most typical use for a loveseat is for furnishing small apartments or houses where large sofas wouldn’t fit.

The uses of the settee are totally different. Because they’re wider than a loveseat and can host more people, a settee can usually work alone in a living room without any other piece of furniture. And still, they can go well enough with an entire set if needed.

Settees, however, have a unique style touching the classic and elegant tones. That means settees can also be used as decorative pieces as well as seating furniture.

In short, loveseats are to compliment or fit in places where larger furniture can’t. A settee works better by itself, often offering a decorative function over a practical one.


What would be the difference in price? Well, there’s not much of a difference really.

Most loveseats are decently affordable, even the most practical and well-made options.

Settees can also be super cheap. However, decorative settees with unique fabrics and shapes can cost a little more than expected. And if it is a large settee – then it can go higher.

That’s why you may find them at comparable prices most of the time. But settees start becoming more intricate, their prices go way higher than any loveseat.

When to Purchase a Loveseat/Seattle

You went through their differences, now it’s time to understand which one will offer the best experience depending on your situation.

When to Get a Loveseat

  • When you have a small apartment or house
  • Don’t need more than two seats
  • Want to compliment a broader furniture set
  • Need something simple yet stylish

When to Get a Settee

  • To match large or small spaces accordingly
  • When you want to add a decorative piece of furniture
  • Need to complement other pieces
  • Want enough space for three or more people

Table to Summarize

Loveseat Settee
Ideal for small spaces & bedrooms For large & small rooms
Comfortable for two people only Comfortable for three or more people
Laid-back and serious An elegant and decorative style
Cheap and accessible Usually affordable but can be expensive