Uncomfortable Sofa Bed Solutions: How can I make my Sleeper Sofa More Comfortable

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Uncomfortable sofa beds are a nightmare. You can’t sleep on them. But the good news is that you can make your sleeper sofa more comfortable with few little hacks. Our experts say there are 13 different ways you can make your sofa bed cozier. Yeah, you can create a perfect sleeping space using these 13 steps.

How to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable? Your Ultimate Guide

We’ll show you how you can dabble in a vintage sofa bed into exotic ones with a few budgeted tricks, and transform your restless spaces for a more comfortable experience.

1.    Identify the Discomfort

Before you start spending money over raising your sofa bed’s comfort, identify where it actually lacks to prioritize your financial plan accordingly. A few common gaps you’d recognize in the comfort of your sleeper sofa may include:

  • Loud creaking sounds while sitting or laying down
  • Mattress subsidence and dips
  • Untidy appearance/ bad odor
  • Uncomfortable postures leading to backaches

Recognizing the actual cause is the half work done towards improving and making your sofa bed more relaxed.

2.    Repair the Sofa Frame

Nothing discomforts sleep more than awkward noises. If you’re hearing squeaks or creaks in an old sofa, that might be due to the rust or worn-out metal slats underneath. Check if there are any loosen screws in the framework. Tighten them up and see if they need lubrication as well. A low-cost fix could be applying paraffin wax that provides cushioning between the flexible points and silences the annoying sounds.

3.    Spare Pillows are a quick-fix!

Everyone’s closet has some spare flattened pillows waiting to get some attention. Bring them to life by giving them the audacity to comfort sleepers on the sofa bed. You can’t find a better use of them. This costs you nothing but a handsome way of filling in any gaps on the sofa bed. Plus, it gives an immense feeling of coziness to the whole attire. A further inexpensive addition that you could do is to improve their filling with down, polyester, or cotton to enrich softness.

4.    Upgrade your Bedding Quality

As you seek a good mattress for your regular bed, be mindful of buying quality bedding for your sleeper sofa. Don’t go for too compact or an oversized sofa bedding, rather stay put to match the exact size of your pull out sofas. Always use mattress clippers for extra convenience while someone’s asleep.

5.    Add an Extra Bed Pad

Adding another layer to your sofa upholstery can be a minimalistic approach towards an upgraded sofa bed. With folding properties, you can lay down a mattress almost 1-2 inches dense made out of microfibers, or gel just to make it more self-serving.

How about covering it with an extra fitted sheet to prevent sliding while you’re asleep? A win-win! These can range from extravagant ones to cheaper self-made mattresses. Learn the tips to save yourself heaps of money in tailoring a mattress topper:

DIY Mattress topper

  • Procure an abandoned or old memory foam sheet/ or a regularly used mattress
  • Trim into the required size with a sharp tool
  • Cover it with a fresh fitted sheet

And there you go! Now, flaunt it.

6.    Sleep on a Duvet

Duvets and bedspreads are more comfortable solutions to a relatively hard mattress. They add more warmth and coziness to the overall sofa bedding. So if you own one, then instead of covering yourself with it,  spread them underneath. This is a quick and easy solution to hard sofa surfaces. You can always detach it if your guests don’t prefer a silky feel of the duvet. Another ingenious tip is to buy a duvet matching the interior and the upholstery theme.

7.    Let cushions speak comfort

A burst of throw pillows on the sofa is something we all love and adore. It’s an economical way of turning lifeless upholstery into a tempting one. A good way is to place randomly sized cushions on the sleeper sofa to give it more room for coziness and comfort. The best part is that you can try out new placement positions every time a guest arrives to give them the essence of a makeover.

After a while, put in a slight effort in changing the cushion cases or fillers and there you go with a whole new sofa bed look! The technique is good for those with frequent backaches and who need sufficient back support.

8.    Fix droops instantly

One major factor in the inconvenience of a sofa bed mattress is the sags that have been developed over time due to the lack of mid-support. An immediate way to get rid of them is to use towels – abandoned ones maybe – and adjust them under the saggy portion on the surface of the mattress. This needs an occasional inspection of the placed towels that may call for a re-adjustment after some time.

9.    Flip Mattress Sides

Keep flipping sides after a while of mattress usage to abstain from the dints. These intervals can significantly increase the life of a mattress and let the dips rest for some time and regain their position if they’re intended to. If there’s excessive usage, make a flip every 3 months. In case you see intermittent guests, 6 months is a good time to get it overturned and maximize the experience.

10. Keep the Mattress Clean

Schedule regular cleaning of your sofa bed. Does that make a difference? Yes, it does! Hygiene always feels alluring to eyes as well as crucial to a comfortable sleep. Change and wash your bedspreads and sheets often to pleasantly welcome your guests for an enjoyable sleepover.

Cleaning Tips

  • Replace the sofa-bed sheet after every sleepover
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to dust off the sofa surfaces and gaps
  • Put a light scent every time you make a bed for visitors

11. Try Replacing the Sofa Mattress

If your couch bed has a thin and compact mattress, then it entails a thicker and denser one to make it more inviting. Step up the mattress size to almost 4-5 inches to make your sleep more comfortable. A huge deal of difference can be felt with such a long-lasting replacement. A quick and cheap escape would be to put together two thin mattresses and sew them into a single and thicker one to redo your upholstery meanwhile creating a more comfortable sleep space.

12. Aim for the Best Buy

Always give a second thought to the reason that made you buy a sofa bed in the first place. Besides, remember, not all sofa beds are identical. The one you decide on should be a wise selection depending upon its usage frequency and the placement location. The price difference comes in with the type of bedding quality. If you envision an excess usage, seek the one with supreme mattress quality to avoid early depressions in the bed. However, to stay in your budget, pick the economical one, and keep refining it with all the aforementioned tricks.

13. Work additionally on the Ambience

Experts say that comfortable bedding alone doesn’t assure sound sleep. A cozy ambiance caters for half of the overnight sleep. How about dimming the lights and turning on the oil/aromatherapy diffusers? or lit the scented candles, maybe, as a part of bed-making. This may cost you a few bucks but cast a divine impression on the staying guests. Let the guest leave in wonderful memories of the bedding choices as well as the ambiance of your house. 

Time to Implement the Uncomfortable Sofa Bed Solutions

Making your sleeper sofa more comfortable is an easy task. You just need to follow the 13 tips we have given. Producing calm and comfortable bedding isn’t always a high-budgeted game, rather, it requires slight attention to the details. From the addition of some abandoned stuff to buying a cheap alternative and with basic cleaning, you’re good to go with a peaceful night’s sleep. . Sleeper sofas are the best if you see abundant guests, especially for a sleepover. Make it comfortable with the uncomfortable sofa bed solutions our experts recommend.