What is a Throw Pillow and Why is it So Expensive?

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You must be planning to bring your dead couch to life by adorning it with decorative pillows but don’t know where to begin from? No upholstery is complete without getting furnished with throw pillows, we agree, but it’s a plus if you research about the whole thing before spending haphazardly over it. And for that purpose, you are on the right page! In the next 5 minutes, you’re going to learn about why throw pillows cost a fortune and some valuable product suggestions to choose from. 

What is a throw pillow?    

As the name suggests, a throw pillow or toss pillow is a small decorative item that mimics cushions and helps enhance your seating’s exquisiteness. Wisley chosen throw pillow color and designs not only bring liveliness to your entire décor but shows your inner refinement. Some bring utmost coziness to your environment while others add fanciness to it. Apart from the ornamental perspective, throw pillows provide back and neck support while sitting that maintains a fairly good posture.

Throw pillows range widely in their sizes, patterns, and fabrics mainly. Most of them come with hidden zips that camouflage with the pillow design, while a few of them are buttoned up. The range of pillowcase textile materials is another factor to consider while making a purchase. Prices vary largely depending upon these factors as well as the retailers’ markup.

In the next section, you’ll get insights on why some commercially available throw pillows are so expensive while others are pretty affordable.

Why are throw pillows so expensive?    

An opulent throw pillow may cost you from $50 to $250 owing to its size, shape, fabric, and designs. Some custom-made pillows cost even more when they promise to bring your ideas into reality. However, it’s not a bad deal to spend a little more than average to own what you love, if you can afford it.

Keep in mind the following assorted factors when you’re looking around for timeless throw pillow options and be informed why they are costing you a pretty penny:

  • Fabric

Throw pillow fabric is the foremost thing that uplifts or lowers down its charges. Some expensive textile materials include velvet, silk, leather, and wool that demands a higher price owing to their durability, aesthetics, and comfort. In conflict, cotton and fur fabrics are more widely used for versatile designing and coziness respectively.

  • Prints

Vibrant prints are nonetheless more appealing and make pillowcases expensive. On the contrary, muted plain prints cost you little. If you add up a little embroidery over the fabric, the price hike will be around $50 or more. Embossed prints are also a reason for elevated product rates. If you are low on budget, it’s better to choose plain prints and mix and match color or fabric to enrich the effect. However, look for the printing quality under the given price tag as it may be a trap and fade over time.

  • Size

Bigger throw pillows generally cost more than those with lesser-used fabric and insert material. But that’s not always the case, it also depends upon the fabric type and printing. You probably need a bigger pillow if you plan to catnap on your couch or chairs whereas small sizes complement sofas in the lounge, drawing rooms, or even beds.

  • Pillow inserts

Pillow inserts are another challenging aspect that adds up or cuts down the value significantly. Strangely, even the lumpy inserts cost like crazy, let alone the smoother ones. Do not get betrayed on that first look, rather do a little research on the insert material it uses. Down feather is a luxurious option to many as they keep the shape very well, and are a little heavy on the wallet.

Generally, visually appealing throw pillows are more costly. One pro tip is to compare different sellers for price, design, and read reviews before investing in expensive throw pillows.

Expensive Suggestions      

Now that you are pretty sure about buying expensive throw pillows, we’ve curtailed a few expensive options from Amazon that you may consider adding to your purchasing list.

1.    Nuty Desty Geometric Throw Pillow

A very intricate design in sober colors crafted to perfection.

This exquisite teal aqua throw pillow is the deal-breaker for your pastel couches or contrasts flawlessly with darker ones. It’s available in 18″X18″ but comes without pillow inserts so you have to buy insertion material separately. If you are not satisfied with the product upon arrival, the seller offers an easy complaint registration. However, do not iron your product after wash as it may burn the velvet part.

Suited to any upholstery
Superb quality
Pack of 2
Easy machine-wash
The actual product may differ slightly from displayed graphics

2.    Nuty Desty Snowflakes Throw Pillow

True wintery vibes to give your ambiance a chilling essence.

A refreshing and lively throw pillow design is all you need at least once in a while. These cute snowflakes will light up your space giving it a true wintertime essence, making them perfect for summers. These can go in harmony with muted tones of the upholstery to brighten up the overall effect. The fabric is eco and health-friendly and doesn’t mind machine washing with cold water.

Refreshing design
Invisible zipper
Pack of 2
Easy machine wash
Design unsuitable for winters

3.    McAlister Textiles Heritage Pillow

With this decorative pillow, bring back your vintage charm.

Plaids never go out of fashion and these eight charming colors will make your décor more soothing. They have been sewn cautiously with cutting-edge technology to bring out the best in 8 different dimensions. Other associated perks include bespoke products such as curtains, table runners, and more made-to-order products in the same design. You can mix two or three color variants of these throw pillows to give your bored-out interior a color boost.

Comfortable and soft
Durable fabric
Long-lasting design
Pack of 4
Not suitable for tumble drying